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I have had an eating disorder before. </3 
I accept Rachel’s challenge <3
Kony 2012. Stop this man. 
Maroon 5. My recent obsession. I love them. 
I’m in love with this hat <3 
This is my cat Otis. I rescued him when he was only weeks old from outside. He was the runt of the litter so he would have died if I didn’t take him in. I brought him in in the fall of last year and he was living a good life. Until the other night when his foot got tangled in some Christmas lights wrapped around my bed posts and got stuck and chew the wire to my electric blanket and got electrocuted. He was breathing heavy and his foot was swollen and the vet gave him a shot and said he would be okay but theres still a chance he might die. Last night at eleven he died. </3 I’m gonna miss him. :”(
My new obsession <3 Hes so sexy C:
Did a little painting today. nbd